Monday, June 1, 2009

Lyndsay and Amanda's Crazy Memorial Day Weekend 2009

So I lost my camera about a month ago and have been unable to take any pictures, but I still wanted to blog our memorial day weekend. For Memorial Day weekend, Nolan and I could not agree on anything to do. So instead, we both did separate things. He went bear hunting with a friend, and I asked my good friend Amanda to come with me to Utah. We took all four kids with us and headed to Provo on Friday night. Our kids are way too close and obviously spend wayyyy too much time together. The fight like brother and sisters. They hold nothing back. Despite the feuding going on, Amanda and I managed to block the noise and spend two hours shopping at Old Navy. I am sure everyone around us was thinking we must be deaf. We took the kids swimming and went to Temple Square. It was still a fun weekend. Relaxing, No, but Fun, Yes!

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