Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bear Lake Camping

Since this summer I ended up working full time, so that the other hygienist could be on maternity leave, we didn't do any camping. So at the end of August we decided to get it all in. We ended up camping two weekends in a row. We sold our camper in February and so we resorted back to good ol' tent camping, with an air mattress, of course! We love Bear Lake and for the last few summers that is where we end up camping. It's great because at night and in the morning you get to be in the mountains doing the whole camping thing, and then in the afternoon we head down to the gorgeous lake. The first weekend our good friends, Lauren and Riley came up. Riley even brought his boat. Unfortunately, the weather was not so pleasant and the first morning we woke up to pouring rain. It did eventually taper off, but it was definitely not boat weather. We still had a lot of fun anyway. I was not about to get up and cook breakfast in the rain, so we went to Plan B, the nearest restraurant. Saturday was my birthday, and anyone who knows me well knows that my favorite part of my birthday is the cake and candles. Nolan seems to struggle at remembering this every year, but to his credit he kept mentioning how he was trying to figure out how to bring up a birthday cake(he had a big reminder on the calendar). Well he didn't bring one up so I decided to try to cook brownies in a watermelon as my birthday cake. We went out and bought brownie mix and stuff(we already had the watermelon), and while I was mixing up the brownies, Lauren surprised me with a birthday cake she had brought up from home. What a great friend. She didn't trust Nolan to remember. We still made the brownies and they were awesome. Watermelon Brownies, who would have thought. So even though the weather didn't cooperate we still had a blast. Lauren and Riley are always fun to be around. Kadrie especially loves Riley. She told Lauren she was going to marry him when she is done being a princess, and then asked Lauren if that made her mad. She is so funny. Caden, of course, loves the dirt part of camping and destroying anything. He found an old ax in the river and spent the weekend trying to chop down a tree. He never succeeded, but I never heard he was bored. Bronco also kept busy chasing his own splash in the river.

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