Saturday, September 6, 2008

"I want mommy ears"

Recently, Kadrie has been pointing to my ears and saying, "OOO pretty. I want mommy ears". I asked her if she wanted to get earings in her ears and she would tell me yes. I told her it would hurt and then I would pinch her ear to show her. Then I would ask her again if she wanted them and she would still say yes. I know you are thinking, "Come on, Lyndsay, she is two", but she really did keep asking me. I'll admit, I wanted to get her ears pierced, too. So, we went down to Walmart, because they were the only place I talked to who would do it one at a time. I knew one shot was all we were going to get. We let her pick them out with a little direction. Nolan said we should let her have whatever she picks, but she was picking the huge pink stones that would cover her entire earlobe. Thank goodness I didn't let Nolan take her alone. I diverted her attention to some smaller pink stones and that seemed to satisfy her. The ladies were really nice to her and she did great. She held really still and then the gun went off and Kadrie had a delayed cry. She sobbed for about a minute until we asked her if she wanted to see them. Once she saw them she stopped crying. By the time we were in the car, she was all smiles again. That night we went to softball and she was showing them off to everyone, but before bed she started telling me, "I don't want 'em". I told her too late, because I wasn't doing that again. Now, however, she tells me occasionally out of the blue, "I like 'em".

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