Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jameson Davis #38

This last Sunday kicked off the 2008 football season for the Colorado Buffaloes. My brother, Jameson, is the kicker
for them, and more specifically
the kickoff kicker. He literally
kicked off the season for the Buffs.
Jameson's performance was
stellar. He had 3 touchbacks (for
any of you who aren't familiar with
football terms that means really, REALLY far) in just one game, and two more kicks that were almost touchbacks. Jameson has a very, VERY powerful leg. He is starting and he is only a freshman. We have four years to watch him only get better and better. Being able to watch him on TV last weekend was AWESOME! I love watching football, but it is even better to watch someone you know play. This last week he was also interviewed by The Denver Post, here is a link to that article It is definitely worth checking out. Jameson, keep up the good, hard work and we can't wait to cheer you and the buffs on this season and seasons to come. Love ya.


The Little's said...

Yay for blogging! I'm so glad that you got the hang of it! It was wonderful to have you guys for a visit last weekend...and even more fun to go on a date and watch Jamers play football! We love and miss you guys!

Mike and Quel said...

Wahoo! I'm so excited you started a blog! We can keep in touch better! I love the blog, it's so cute!

Treo Sanders said...

Hey there. I love your blog. Your kids are darling and you look happy. When we gonna get together?
Love ya