Saturday, October 3, 2009

Caden's Cricket Rifle

Anyone who knows Caden knows his obsession with guns. He loves anything to do with guns, tanks, grenades, anything army. We will even catch him totally engrossed watching the military channel or the history channel. For his 6th birthday this year, Nolan and I bought him his first .22 cricket rifle. It is especially for younger kids. Now I know some of you liberals, or conservatives who are liberal when it comes to guns(Hi mom) reading this are getting your panties all bunched up, but let me explain our reasoning. When you live in Wyoming, especially in Green River, Wy, chances are most of your children's friends have parents with guns. Hunting is big around here. Most practice gun safety and have their guns locked up, but for the chance that some one is stupid enough not to, we feel it is best to teach our children about guns and how to safely handle them. We especially teach them that if they see one at a friend's house, they never touch it and immediately are to go and tell an adult. They are NEVER to touch a gun unless their is an adult there to assist. To try and act like guns don't exist is absurd. I have this argument with my mom anytime guns come up. In our house, the guns are locked up separate from their ammunition, and out of reach of children. So, eventhough we did give Caden a gun for his birthday, it's not like he can use it whenever he wants. He has been threatened that if he ever touches it without an adult there to to help he won't shoot again until he is 16. Anyway, back down on the ground off my soap box, the other day Nolan went out to shoot his new 270wsm to get ready for antelope hunting and he also brought Caden's too so he could do some shooting. Caden has become really good at shooting it by himself. This video shows him shooting. He does end up needing some help, but for the most part he gets it. I know my mom is going to have a heart attack when she sees this. Sorry mom:).

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