Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Here are the first day of school pictures of the kids this year. Nolan and I, along with Caden's teachers, agreed that repeating kindergarten this year would be in his best interest. I was worried that it might be hard on Caden to see all his friends from last year in 1st grade, but so far he hasn't had any problems. I figured if I was going to hold him back, Kindergarten was the best year to do it. His teacher this year is Miss Lefferdink. She is new to Jackson and this is her first year ever teaching. I really like her and I am glad Caden has her for a teacher. Kadrie started preschool this year. I can not believe that she is that old. She has always seemed older than her age, but ever since she started preschool she seems even more grown up. Her teacher is Ms. Kari and it is a great preschool. The other day, when Nolan and I were decorating the nursery, Kadrie picked up a bumble bee that was going on the wall and we noticed she was singing something. We asked her to sing it louder and she said, "Bumble bee, Can you say your name for me?" We asked her where she learned that song and she said, "From Ms. Kari". It was so cute. Nolan and I kept making her sing it all night. I am really proud of my two kids. They are growing up so well and unfortunately so fast. I am so happy I was chosen to be there mom!

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