Friday, October 24, 2008


One of our favorite things about living in Green River are the high school football games. I love the feel of a small town football game. We always see so many people we know.

We do more talking than watching sometimes. The Green River Wolves have been great this season which is an extra bonus to watching them, (unlike those dang CU Buffs). Caden and his friend, Kameron, had a lot of fun during this game. However, when those two get together they think they can do whatever they want. The ran off and we couldn't find them for 15 minutes. When we finally did we had Kameron's dad, Josh, who is a police that works the games talk to them about getting lost. I don't know if it affected Kameron all that much, being that it was his dad and all, but Caden was sobbing. I wanted him to know how serious that was. Kadrie loves going to the football games, and I think it is because she like to dance to the band. Whenever the band is playing she has to stand on a bleacher and shake it. It is so funny and very entertaining for all those around us. You can hear people all around us comment on her. This weekend Green River plays Rock Springs in the big Trona Bowl rival game. GO WOLVES!

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