Friday, October 24, 2008

Indoor Camping

The other day I was remembering how fun it was when we were kids and we would make a tent with blankets. I actually still think it is fun. Nolan was on graves so the kids and I put blankets up all around my bedroom to make a giant tent. We had it incorporate the entertainment center too, and we watched, "The Bridge to Terebithia"(ah... tear jerker) and ate popcorn. Then we were all going to sleep in the tent with sleeping bags, but my back is not what it used to be and with my own bed so close by. I ended up in my bed and Kadrie followed, as usual, but Caden was a trooper and stuck it out all night. Then next morning we folded all of the blankets up and that was that. It was so much fun and I still wonder why my mom would have a fit whenever we would make tents.

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