Sunday, November 30, 2008

Caden's Wrestling Camp

For the last couple of weeks, Caden has been going to a wrestling camp that is put on by the high school wrestlers. He has had a lot of fun. He did pretty good. He met a lot of kids. Fortunately, Caden is just a sweet kid with not a mean bone in his body. He was so fun to watch. Even when he was trying to bring someone down, he couldn't help but have a huge smile on his face. He is such a sweet kid. I don't think wrestling is going to be the sport for him, but he can do whatever he wants to do. In January we are looking forward to starting indoor soccer. This is more of his kind of sport. Then this spring/summer we are excited to see him play baseball. Caden can throw farther than any kid his age that I have seen. The second picture on this blog is to show you what Kadrie did the whole time during practice. She loves to do somersaults and so she did. Over and Over.

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